BSc or BA for accounting and finance?

Answer If you want to be an actuary, you need a maths degree. Accountancy is a totally different discipline. The actuarial profession is one of the most difficult to enter and it can take up to 12 years... Read More »

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Which degree is best; Accounting & Finance OR Banking & Finance?

Accounting and finance is the better degree. I say that because accounting opens up possibilities in many industies. Where banking and finance focuses on primarily one industry - banking. And banki... Read More »

What job can I get with a Masters in finance and accounting?

You have majorly option to choose between two fields accounts and finance but now it is interrelated. You can be Accountant maintaining financial reporting system, auditing of accounts and other au... Read More »

Jobs with Finance and Accounting degree?

What can I work with a degree in accounting an finance?

Yes it does. It might be easier to get a job as an accountant first. Put a couple of years in, do taxes and audits. Get your CPA too. At that point you will have contacts, and you will be ready... Read More »