BT ADSL Cable what is the difference with 2 pin and 4 pin?

Answer Broadband connections use the US style phone plugs and sockets. Broadband routers require just two pins - which is what is delivered to the house by the telephone line. A third pin in the connector... Read More »

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What is the difference between a cable wireless router and a ADSL router?

An ADSL router incorporates a modem for use if your broadband comes via a telephone line. The input socket takes an RJ11 connector.A cable router is for use in conjunction with a cable modem (as s... Read More »

What cable do i need to connect my PC to an ADSL Modem router?

you need an RJ45 Ethernet cable.dont go to the big shops coz they charge too much..max to pay is £1 per metrei have created a free computer help and advice website.http://freecomputeradvice.orgif ... Read More »

Forgot in which order to connect adsl cable to Sky etc?

Your dongles is actually the ADSL Microfilters. You will only need one unless you are using a fax machine.Have a look at this:'ve... Read More »

Does RJ11 cable fit into RJ45 sockets for ADSL to work with a broadband router?

No, it will not. RJ11 - phone JackRJ45 - Enthernet CAT-5 cable.they are not same in size