BT Broadband are CRAP!!! im stupid enough to pay 24.99 a month, while i get slow speeds of 2.4 meg?

Answer if you are only able to get 2.4MB on broadband with bt then that is all you will be able to get with any company as they all use bt's copper phone lines to transmit signals. Sky offer a 2MB broadba... Read More »

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If we are not supposed to speed, why are cars built to reach stupid speeds?

The young lady Louise (above) speaks the most sense so far. It is not the car but the person behind the wheel of it.Your argument amount the fact that the cars can travel at those speeds is not the... Read More »

Do BT lie about their broadband speeds?

That's really bad - these are almost dial-up speeds. Do you live far from the exchange?

What does the QOS Packet Scheduler do in regards to broadband speeds?

I have never used but assume that it will make a certain number of tries when there is a problem with the service to make that it is not a temporary problem and report the error.In your particular ... Read More »

Why is it that my broadband speeds varies. It should be 2Mb some times its 0,4mb.?

I'm afraid that's to be expectedthe isp's are for-profit organisations. So they're going to try to make the most of the resources they have.their resources are network traffic. Your requirements ar... Read More »