BT HomeHub Problems driving me crazy HELP!?

Answer I don't see why you need a wireless adaptor for your desktop PC in the first place. It's not as though you hump it around like a laptop!I would assume that you would just use an Ethernet cable from... Read More »

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My landlord(s) are driving me crazy! Help?

The sooner you move out the better. As your landlord(s) are resident, you are a lodger, not a tenant.So although you may, or may not, have an agreement the law of landlord and tenant does not apply... Read More »

Ole erase help. This is driving me crazy?

By the way I forgot to mention I am using windows vista. Are you using Internet Explorer?, try another browser, Google Chome or Firefox. Since I stopped using IE, I rarely get any of these annoyin... Read More »

Please help!!! How can i get rid of very annoying CiD; pop ups I'ts really driving me crazy.?

they are a real pain in the ***. i installed tweak xp and used their pop up blocker and i aint seen 1 since. good luck. ignore him above me that is long winded tweakxp tweakxp tweakxp. and it does ... Read More »

HELP PLEASE... i have managed to make everything on the desktop larger than they were, it's driving me crazy..?

right click on the properties or something similar (near the bottom)go to display properties and change the resolution to a higher resolution. it's a bar you can drag up and down.