BT HomeHub loses broadband connection?

Answer With the information you give me the broadband is losing sync*, therefore it is losing the physical connection between the modem and the exchange (DSLAM). BT will want you to do some checks in your... Read More »

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BT Homehub. How can I stop people pinching my broadband!?

Go to your address bar and type in 'bthomehub'.You will see who is connected both wirelessly and cabled.Click on each and you will see if the connection is active.Read your manual if you don't unde... Read More »

My Wi-Fi loses connection everytime I go on youtube ...?

It could be a number of things. If you're using a satellite internet provider, you could be reaching your allocated download amount. If you wireless is physically "losing connection", you might hav... Read More »

Xbox 360 250gb slim and ps3 loses wireless connection to my netgear router?

Could be your dchp lease, or change the channel your router is on so that it has no interfearance from other devices. Also if its next to your router i would always suggest you use a ethernet conne... Read More »

Hi, I need broadband connection without having landline connection as its installation charge cost £125.?

Your options are limited, to either taking a subscription from one of the mobile networks, or using a "hot spot" for wireless LAN.You may find using a mobile network is more expensive they paying f... Read More »