BT Infinity home hub cables?

Answer Having just in the last few days had a BT engineer around to install Infinity (a free upgrade), the fibre optics terminate at the nearest BT junction box to your home, they do not extend into your ... Read More »

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How do i connect a bt infinity home hub to a sky hd box?

Use a ethernet cable and plug it in to the green socket on your sky box.

Have you had problems with BT Infinity Home Hub on LAN?

I have used the business hub and installed it with a Cisco ASA a few months back - it's exactly the same device with a different sticker.Our Home Hub with BT Infinity has been fine, never even had ... Read More »

BT Infinity modem and home hub public IP Address for remote access?

The router is what you need to configure, specifically the firewall, to do port forwardingPersonally I wouldn't recommend opening up your computer to direct access from the Internet thoughA VPN wou... Read More »

Is "Bt infinity option 2" and "Bt infinity 2" the same thing?

They're the same thing. BT uses both versions sometimes on its publicity material.