BT homehub and another as a WIFI 'repeater '?

Answer I don't have the technical expertise to help, but just to say I am surprised the black hub is so weak that it would benefit from a repeater downstairs. Does the signal not make it through the floo... Read More »

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How to add a Belkin repeater to a UK homehub?

The Belkin repeater is a wireless device that picks up your existing Wi-Fi transmission from a router -- including BT's homehub system in the UK -- and retransmits it to extend the range of your ne... Read More »

How to Use a WiFi Repeater?

A Wi-Fi repeater is used in houses that have a dropped signal on their routers. When you are using a wireless router on your computer system, the router broadcasts the signal through the home. Wall... Read More »

How to set up a home network between Windows XP Ethernet & Windows 7 WiFi through Homehub?

The procedure to setup a home network is the exact same anytime! The router supplies the addresses and connections but has nothing to do with the network beyond that. Set each computer "workgroup... Read More »

Why can't I connect to my homehub 2.0?