Back doors into the computer help!!!?

Answer you can usually put a password on the BIOS to stop people booting, but they can reset that by taking the battery out, or they can just steal your hard drive.You can use a full disk encryption syste... Read More »

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Ive just bought some speakers for the back doors of my car but the sound is terrible, theres no bass. HELP?

I cant log back into my FACEBOOK ! please HELP :( !?

I had the same problem once :p its because yur logging in from a different location! And if u want to log in go to forgot my password then change it then go to yur email then .. idk i forgot hope u... Read More »

How can i get the network icon back into the taskbar PLEASE HELP.?

Uncheck "Always show all icons on the taskbar" because that sometimes greys out some/all of the options. An alternative is to go in the registry editor (regedit), select Computer in the left panel,... Read More »

How Do I Back Up My Computer On To A Dvd Can You Help?

You could use the Backup program in Nero or Roxio whichever software came with your DVD Burner. The files you want to back up are:PhotosMusicSaved E-Mail MessagesBank StuffDocumentsIE FavoratesDown... Read More »