Battery is charged wireless broad band think i:ll take computer out for a walk is this odd behaviour ?

Answer Everybody and their dogs, too. And they meet every third or fourth day at the computer-walkie-park showing off the neat tricks their puters can do at their command. Some have those cute little lap... Read More »

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How do I use my lap top which is wireless broad band away from home ?

Well maybe your patio thats about it unless you go to your routers website and buy some sort of device that would extend your range. Thats if they even offer it.

Charged with Section 4 Words/Behaviour - Fear unlawful violence?

http://www.theanswerb.../Question1021573.htmlin your earlier thread you said you punched someone on the nose. Is that what led to this charge?

Sky broad band is sh*t?

i have talk talk3 and for £19.99 a month all my phone calls landline to landline are free even international and broadband is free too in this package best thing i ever did xx

What is the advantage of Broad Band?

the advantages are numerous but it depends on u how u take it.