Bbms pins from northern ireland?

Answer Don't have a bbm pin nor am I from N. Ireland. But so what do you have against pedos? o.o

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If I am supplying goods to Northern Ireland but invoicing Southern Ireland, do they pay VAT?

1. If supplying from Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland, no, you do not charge VAT - the onus is on them to pay it in the UK.2. If supplying from Great Britain, to Northern Ireland, with Invoi... Read More »

What is the song on the new ad for the road safety authority in Ireland/Northern Ireland?

Is that the one when the guys legs are trapped?

northern ireland?

NI is part of the UK, so no.Nor do you need one to visit the RoI But you need photo ID to go to Eire. Some airlines only accept a passport. In fact, the flag of Northern Ireland makes up part of th... Read More »

What age can i move out in northern ireland?

It is ILLEGAL for anyone under 18 to sign a legal document (which a lease is).