Bebo , Facebook Or myspace which ones better ?

Answer I have them all. I don't really like myspace. At the moment i like Facebook best - it's easier to find people and everything comes up on the home page but i like bebo better in some ways because yo... Read More »

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Bebo,myspace or facebook?

I'm on all three, which is pretty simple, i prefer bebo as it is easier to customise your page and to upload photos and has a far better system although more children use it these days

What's better facebook, myspace or bebo?

They're all good in their own ways.I like myspace more personally, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


urm i like all 3 but i preer bebo or facebook because myspace hardley any of my friends has got it but then agen bebo changes page doesnt work very well atm so im not sure i like all 3 :) x

Myspace, bebo or Facebook ?

I gave up on beboI usually use myspaceI sometimes use facebookBebo - too childishFacebook - too impersonalMyspace - too commercialised