Bebo friends in common?

Answer Bebo friends in common is the friends that you have and the persons page ur on have the same say u went on my page the friends you had that i had would b in the list if ya get me

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How do i get friends on bebo ?

How can you be shy... its the internet, the place for shy people to connect! This question must be a joke

Bebo wont let me change my top friends !?

A lot of people have this problem, but im not sure how to fix it.Make sure you have the latest version of java…And make sure the page is fully loaded (http... Read More »

Bebo - does it come up on your friends' 'changes' if... ?

I don't think comments show up in your Changes at all - unless it's a comment left under a photo.I think the only way your friend would know, is if they visited the other person's profile themselv... Read More »

Facebook myspace bebo, would u rather leave old friends in the past?

Very. I have people that i want to leave as far behind me as possible. Anyone that i want to stay close to, i make the effort to do so.