Been offered a work trial in a restaurant on sunday?

Answer You were chosen by the agency because you work experience in silver service is non-existant. That's what they need. Why? Because, when you get there, the snobby bastar*s will explain that you ne... Read More »

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Can they extend my trial period at work after the trial period is expired and I should be permanent?

They can extend your probation or trial period if they want.Obviously for them to do this it means they are not happy with your work and want more time to see if you will get better.a

I have a trial at a Posh Restaurant next week. What should I expect?

What is your trial for? Chef, Waiting staff? Have you had any experience? Play on your good points, you managed to sweet talk your way to the trial so you can't be that clueless!Good luck!

Should I take job offered in bizzy restaurant kitchen for just £108 per week or stay on JSA?

Yes, take it and get yourself motivated and make the best of it. You may not realise this but there are actually more people on JSA than vacancies so you are very lucky to have been offered a job.... Read More »

Offered a job for Customer Restaurant Assistant at Sainsbury's, got told its a three day induction.?

Congratz AlexInduction is like Job Trainining.JG