Behavioral Adaptations of a Giraffe?

Answer Nine different subspecies of giraffe are present in Africa. Each species displays the traditional long neck that makes the animal so recognisable. The giraffe is the tallest land animal on earth, s... Read More »

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Survival Adaptations of a Giraffe?

The giraffe is native to the African savannah plains where it has developed a number of physical adaptations. These adaptations are what help the giraffe survive in its natural habitat by helping i... Read More »

Physical & Behavior Adaptations of a Giraffe?

The giraffe is native to Africa and is the tallest mammal in the world, measuring up to 19 feet for an adult male. Like many animals, the giraffe has had to adapt to its habitat to survive. It disp... Read More »

Behavioral Adaptations of the Box Turtle?

Box turtles (Terrapene Carolina) are land-dwelling reptiles that inhabit regions of the Midwest and eastern United States, as well as parts of southern Canada and eastern Mexico. They can live to b... Read More »

The Behavioral Adaptations of Giraffes?

Behavioural adaptations help organisms survive and reproduce in nonindigenous and dangerous environments. Behavioural adaptations take time to develop as they are genetically passed on to ensuing g... Read More »