Belkin Router is DEAD!!! dun dun duhhhhhhhhh?

Answer Ever consider that it has just died a natural death and gone to Router Heaven?People always seem to overlook the obvious and nothing lasts forever!

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How to Set Up a Belkin Router?

Belkin routers are an excellent resource for connecting your home network to the Internet. While it isn't especially difficult to set up a Belkin router, there are specific things that you need to ... Read More »

Belkin Pre-N router set up?

First you don't need a setup .exe. Take the internet cable from the router and plug it into the Internet/Network port of the router. From the router you can connect from any of the 4 output ports... Read More »


"Can I connect it direct to the homehub via the yellow ethernet cable?"You could if you done a few config changes to both routers, you'd need to disable DHCP on the belkin and disable the wireless ... Read More »

How to Use the Belkin N1 Wireless Router?

The Belkin N1 Wireless Router allows computer users, regardless of platform, to share vital resources, including printers, Internet connectivity and file servers. Belkin, a California-based produce... Read More »