Belkin repeater?

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How to add a Belkin repeater to a UK homehub?

The Belkin repeater is a wireless device that picks up your existing Wi-Fi transmission from a router -- including BT's homehub system in the UK -- and retransmits it to extend the range of your ne... Read More »

How to Turn a Belkin Wi-Fi Router Into a Repeater?

Most Belkin Wi-Fi routers are capable of becoming wireless repeaters using a special mode called the Wireless Distribution System. WDS creates a wireless network with a larger range of coverage whe... Read More »

How Do I Set Up a UHF Repeater?

Extend your radio frequency communications by up to 100 kilometres with a UHF repeater. Radio repeaters combine the capabilities of a radio receiver and a radio transmitter. They are used to receiv... Read More »

Could I use my old router as a repeater?

Yes you can. I did the same. I had a Desktop and few laptops and my router was not wireless so i bought a new one and put it in the center of the house and then used another one to extend the wire ... Read More »