Best broadband and phone package?

Answer To be honest it depends what you what to use it for. I am with BT & I think the package I have is excellent. I am a heavy user ( I download load a lot) I also have my mobile phone linked to my broa... Read More »

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I am on phone and broadband package can i apply for bt basic?

Changing tv,phone,broadband package. totally confused need help to find the best deal help?

02 the best broadband package ,voted no1 for value for money and customer service.But if you want the T.V included in package go with Sky although customer service is not as good as 02, but bette... Read More »

Best broadband package in the UK?

Virgin Media at the moment. They are doing a deal for £10 per month for 1 year. We have just joined and are paying £20 per month in total, with the the basic tv channels.

What is the best broadband package in the Uk?

I would stay well away from BT if I were you. I'm currently using Virgin Media 20meg service. Lightning speeds. And I just got the broadband package so no TV for me. Its costing me £37 month but i... Read More »