Best fast food in the world?

Answer IN-N-OUT!!! Wooh, best burgers in the world.

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In microwaves - you heat up food really fast. Is it true that microwaved food will cool down faster than oven heated food Someone told me "if it heats fast, it will then cool fast."?

No. Microwaves cook the food in a very different manner than normal thermal heating, but microwaved food has the same thermal energy that it would have if it had been warmed by more traditional met... Read More »

The world worst fast food chain?

How do you explain the success of fast food restaurants all over the world?

look at who they cater to. Fat, lazy people who don't care about their future health. I do not eat in them, and haven't for over 20 years. I fix all of my meals homemade, with quality ingredients... Read More »

Why is fast food called fast food?

Haha, yes it's fattening. But prepared quickly and it tastes great. It's also priced cheaply, compared to most " normal" restaurants.