Best long range router that can support 15 devices at once?

Answer You want something like this…Actually I'm rather surprised you even get that speed to be honest with 15devices all actively connected at the same time.That... Read More »

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What happens when you have too many wi-fi devices connected to the wireless router?

Depends on the router. Some are hard coded to only allow "x" number of IP addressees behind their NAT. Some aren't.Bottom line, $75 consumer routers don't have very much memory or a very powerful... Read More »

How to change a devices ip on a Billion router?

You change a device's ip address on the device itself, not in the router. Go into Control Panel > Network Connections. Modify your IP settings from here."When i change my computer's ip, I can't c... Read More »

Geolocation of devices connected to my wireless router?

You cannot identify the physical location of any device using you wifi, or who is using it, specialist equipment can do this but is is not available to the public.You can assume that anyone using y... Read More »

Range of Router. How can I improve it?

802.11 N, certainly. Your computers need to be fitted with "N" adapters too, to really benefit.Larger, or remote, antenna, installed up high.Check the construction of your house... some older blo... Read More »