Best social networking site for MAKING NEW FRIENDS?

Answer The best is probably Facebook. You can add people that you know, and then you'll see other people that a lot of your friends know, and you can add them too.

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Whats the best social networking site?

Facebook if you like clean simple ways of keeping in touch with friends/colleagues Myspace if you like whoring, want to practise coding, or just wanna show off a lot of stuffBebo if you're an immat... Read More »

Which is the best social networking site for adults?

I say MySpace: or Facebook: Top social-networking sitesMySpace: Largest social-networking site with 49 million visitors in August. It was bought in July by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. for $580 mill... Read More »

Social networking site question?

Well there are a lot of other popular Social Networking sites out there from a lot of start up companies, they seem to be quite popular. I don't think many people use MSN or Bebo anymore (in fact I... Read More »

How does a social networking site get started.?

Im in the middle of setting one up (trying anyway), it starts with one person or a few people, you just need to buy the domains you want and a hosting package. then either use open source software ... Read More »