Best way to back-up files and folders ?

Answer A sensible backup strategy should employ all three methods - if you can, backup to media, hard drives and online♦ use CD-r or DVD-r rather than re-writeable discs (cd-rw and dvd-rw) - use good q... Read More »

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Why can't I delete files / folders on my PC?

It depends on how you have got you file system set up. Some files depending on their status cannot be deleted.If they have been Archived or changed to Read Only then you wont be able to delete them... Read More »

How to consolidate files from many folders into one?

Copy all song to one folder and do not overwrite existing

Extract all files in folders to one folder?

HI.Itunes installed ? .Create a new folder in your chosen location.Open the folder and leave it open.Run itunes click a single song then hold Ctrl and press A , this will select all songs in the it... Read More »

How Can I Reinstall Windows XP without Losing My Files And Folders?

You can either do a Windows RepairORInstall as normal onto current drive and choose NOT to format the drive (leave current file system)It will ask you to re-name the windows folder.