BitTorrent help. Seeds?

Answer A "seed" is a person with a complete file available for sharing.25(12590) means 25 seeds are online, out of 12590 total seeds. (Which is a very strange number actually; that's an awful lot of offli... Read More »

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What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is an open source peer-to-peer protocol for downloading files on the internet. Open source means the code is available for anyone to modify and redistribute at will. Consequently there a... Read More »

How to Not Be Traced on Bittorrent?

Torrent files are a way for you to transfer much faster than usual between users online. With torrent files, all users are downloading and uploading different parts of the same file. The downside t... Read More »

How to Make Your BitTorrent Safe?

Bit Torrent uses Torrent files, which have the down side of revealing your identity to others online. Downloading Torrents also has other dangers associated with it just like downloading anything f... Read More »

Change how your IP appears in BitTorrent?

It's not a custom IP address, it must be an IPv6 address. If you want to use a IPv6 address, you will need to enable it through the Control Panel.