Blocked someone on facebook but they can still private message me?

Answer You need to edit account settings to prevent people from sending you messages when you don't know them (or they are blocked). Take a look in privacy settings for this option.

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How do you know if someone's read your private message on Facebook?

At the moment there is no feature or app for that particular purpose. You could talk to them on Facebook Chat (if you have them as a friend) when they are online and ask them if they got and read y... Read More »

How to Use Facebook to Send a Private Message to a Non-Friend?

You probably primarily use Facebook to stay in contact with your Facebook "friends," who can be anything from true friends to business acquaintances. You can communicate with these friends in a var... Read More »

Who would you private message merry christmas to on facebook?

No, I like my friends so actually speak to them.

Can people see if you've read their private message on facebook?

How do I know if a friend has seen a message I sent?When someone sees your most recent message, it will be marked as seen. That way, you always know who got the message, and who didn't.Messages are... Read More »