Bluetooth icon dissapeered from windows 7 when was working fine before?

Answer trollface,Just to add to what the other user posted. You may have accidently hit the key on the keyboard that turns the wifi/blueotth off if your computer does not have a switch to turn the wifi/bl... Read More »

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Can a car battery die over night (even though nothing was left on) when it was working fine the day before?

When you say wouldn't start, was there any charge in the battery at all? Or was it completely dead?I wouldn't rush for a new battery, as other people have mentioned, it is very easy for a circuit, ... Read More »

Laptop freezes when I click the network icon in icon tray - windows 7?

again not enough detail sounds like static.

I got internet a few months ago and it was working fine my vision of window is legal it was working fine ?

no worries, you need to do all your windows updates and it will do a Genuine windows check (or whatever the h*ll they call it). Anyway if your copy is legit this should take care of it, and if it d... Read More »

My Tv says OUT OF RANGE when i go on PC but it was working fine last night ?

Most computers can connect to an external display for mirrored and extended desktops. While high-definition television sets cannot match the resolution that many dedicated computer monitors are cap... Read More »