Boosting signal output for wireless broadband?

Answer Sorry I cannot help but an interesting question. Which I would like to know the answer too as well.

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I have a problem with wireless Broadband signal not reaching to one bedroom in the house what do you suggest?

You have a few options:RELOCATE:Relocate the router to a more central location. Not always possible because it needs to be near the phone point.REPEATER MODE:Purchase another access point and use i... Read More »

How can I increase my signal on my wireless internet router & wireless card?

The strength of the signal is limited by law, so it would probably be illegal to increase it much. I believe you can do so, however, by fitting a larger aerial. I don't know if these are available ... Read More »

I have a 2 megabites broadband..and a wireless router to share between 2 wireless laptops?

That speed is more than enough for the laptops, what kind of router do you have? When both systems are on what ip addresses do they have? Click start, run, type in cmd and then type in ipconfig /al... Read More »

What is the difference between a low impedance output and a high impedance output of an audio distribution amplifier What kind of output does consumer equipment need — JH, Eugene, OR?

Some audio amplifiers provide several different outputs, each characterized by the impedance of its expected load (e.g., the impedance of the speaker that you should attach to that output). This im... Read More »