Bought computer parts put don't know how to assemble them :/?

Answer Hi,Here you go a complete guide to putting it together both in text and video!'t forget the cpu cooler... and the static wrist band!!!Arnak

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Idiot. I bought a real pc booster. It wrecked my computer. Anyone know how I contact them?

If you remember the name of the 'pc booster' then you can google or bing it and you should find thier site. or find a forum that deals with 'crapware' (sorry about that) that's 'supposed' to speed ... Read More »

Would the colour of sprayed alloys come off someone is selling them.dont know if i should buy them plz hlp?

If they have not been done correctly it will of course come off.

I want 2 buy a new computer but i dont know what i have 2 check in a computer before i buy pls help?

2MB ram memory, 1.73GHz processor and 120mg memory for games and pictures iv got vista home premium and i prefer it to windows xp

Just bought my 1998 mitsubishi eclipse, don't know were to get parts from without wasting to much money?

Go to a local wrecking yard and find other cars the same as yours that you can salvage parts from.