Bought computer parts put don't know how to assemble them :/?

Answer Hi,Here you go a complete guide to putting it together both in text and video!'t forget the cpu cooler... and the static wrist band!!!Arnak

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How to Get Replacement Parts for Ready to Assemble Furniture?

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3D printers - do you need to assemble movable parts or do they work straight out of the printer?

It would depend on the object being printed. Check the schematic, and run on the basic assumption that your object will require assembly.

Iv just bought my car and the man said it still has a mot but i dont no how long for can any 1 help?

The dates of the MOT are on the certificate you should have been given.

Just bought my 1998 mitsubishi eclipse, don't know were to get parts from without wasting to much money?

Go to a local wrecking yard and find other cars the same as yours that you can salvage parts from.