Brand new gaming computer, cant run games.?

Answer Windows 8 is relatively new, might be the reason.Trouble shoot with this:1) hard ware or soft ware? Meaning does doing other stuff work? Browse net, chat, programs such as word?2) if comp works, an... Read More »

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What's the best gaming computer brand?

I'd say you can get the most out of a custom built computer.When you build your own computer you get to choose exactly what you want with it, and can work out a price. A lot of retail computers com... Read More »

Is Dell a good gaming brand for a laptop?

Listen to what doru ubuntu says.A company won't make a laptop for gaming purposes. They target for power, speed, multi-tasking and so on.Computers were never made for gaming If you want a good lapt... Read More »

Y is my computer running slow when its a brand new computer?

I bet it's Norton - major cause of slow new computers.

Will this monitor be good for playing games on with my gaming pc?

Hi, I was looking to the specs of your monitor and I found out that it uses VGA instead of DVI. The benefits of DVI is that it has a faster response time. But in overall for this monitor it is 5 ms... Read More »