Broadband conection?

Answer I go between 4 and 8, more towards 6 than 4. But for 6 quid a month with free calls to anywhere on planet earth i will never get back to BT or Virgin or Tiscali or Pipex

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Is there anything worse then a bad broadband conection?

Knitting needles in your eyes is pretty bad.

How do i find conection password?

if any of your relative or neighbour have wifi connection and you can ask them or else its impossible to find connection password.Ask them is an option for you.

About my Internet conection for gaming?

Dump vergin. If you really want good connections for COD then switch your Internet provider to TalkTalk. I have it and it's great. If you have your own rooter that's good too. I have a free rooter ... Read More »

Wireless conection does not work.?

think ur internet explorer is not ok.....but try to check the net connection again...swith off ur router and swith on again after a while.if still doesnot working....go to the left hend bottom corn... Read More »