Broadband conection?

Answer I go between 4 and 8, more towards 6 than 4. But for 6 quid a month with free calls to anywhere on planet earth i will never get back to BT or Virgin or Tiscali or Pipex

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Is there anything worse then a bad broadband conection?

Knitting needles in your eyes is pretty bad.

My internet conection has gone very slow, what can i do to fix it?

Restart you modem/router. Its peak time. 90% of all broadband slows down at peak times ;)

About my Internet conection for gaming?

Dump vergin. If you really want good connections for COD then switch your Internet provider to TalkTalk. I have it and it's great. If you have your own rooter that's good too. I have a free rooter ... Read More »

Wireless conection does not work.?

think ur internet explorer is not ok.....but try to check the net connection again...swith off ur router and swith on again after a while.if still doesnot working....go to the left hend bottom corn... Read More »