Broadband help please!!!!!!?

Answer Heya,well firstly you need to decide what your going to use the internet for. If you going to use it for checking emails and just browsing websites and downloading the odd bit of music here and the... Read More »

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Broadband, no ethernet card, please help?

You need to download the driver for the ethernet card from the Dell website. I expect there are other drivers that need installing too if you have just done a fresh installation.

Why do I have to pay 29.25 for only Broadband , please help!!!?

You need to ring virgin and threaten to leave them. Or switch to another provider with a better offer with talk talk you can get broadband and phone line for under £20 a month - however there cust... Read More »

Changing from dial up to Wireless broadband. Please help?

I think ANY laptop card would fit it...go to a local shop or store... and take your laptop along...and they should show you a variety...I would consider something with the belkin brand...

Please help.. Need my audio code for my ford car, Please someone help me serial nu 6006cdc?