Broadband mostly only works when telephone is off the hook, whats wrong?

Answer I do a lot of home broadband installation and fault-finding for my clients. The number one problem is a telephone without a broadband filter plugged into the socket. That can give you no, slow or... Read More »

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I have a 2001 ford focus 1.6.The heater fan only works on the top speed "4" any ideas whats wrong?

Yep, resistor pack is most likely;You will need: A. The new resistor pack. B. An 8mm socket and suitable handle (one of those flexible ones did the trick). C. A flashlight. D. Opposable thumbs (sho... Read More »

I have Broadband. Any ideas why, when a telephone call is made or received, it cuts off my Broadband?

You haven't got a ADSL micro filter fitted to the telephone(s).

How a PBX Telephone System Works?

The average cat has five claws on its front feet and four claws on each of its back feet, unless the cat is a polydactyl cat, meaning it has extra toes. These cats are also called Hemingway cats, a... Read More »

Can you explain how the telephone wiring in my home works for the telephone My touch-tone phone has 4 wires, but I understand that only 2 wires are used. Does the phone use the other 2 wires for the light on the phone pad, etc. — DS, Larkspur, CA?

Your telephone performs all of its functions using only those 2 wires. The 2 extra wires are virtually never used by a single-line telephone. The only exception that I'm aware of is the old "Prince... Read More »