Broadband problem!!!?

Answer i was once unfortunately with them and faced many problems like this, i found it helped to email a strongly worded email of the dire customer services to ALL bt departments and surprisingly the res... Read More »

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Does anyone else have this problem with their Broadband Can anyone help?

if you are using Wi-Fi in close proximity to a cordless phone or base station that operates at 2.4GHz it will drop the call. you will need to upgrade to a 5.8GHz cordless phone.

Broadband problem ?

Contact AOL and tell them you wish to cancel the contract. Technically, you can just stop using the dial-up.

Has Broadband been a problem this last two nights?

I have had problems with BT Broadband... a few nights ago it wouldn't work at all and for the last few days it has sometimes been very slow....Don't worry, it seems it is not just you!

BT Yahoo Internet (Broadband) Problem?

Firstly, I take it that you are actually "wired" to your BT Homehub and not connecting wirelessly? There seems to be some confusion here as in the bottom right hand side of the screeen is your "sys... Read More »