Broadband signal lost when house phone makes/receives calls?

Answer Isolate the problem and see if it happens if a phone affects a broadband connection at the master socket. If it does call your ISP. If it doesn't the problem is in the house somewhere and you'll ha... Read More »

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Problems With a Fast Busy Signal With Incoming Phone Calls?

Traditional telephone lines use a series of tones to indicate a number of things. While regular busy signal indicates that the number dialled is in use, a slightly faster busy signal -- called a fa... Read More »

I have a problem with wireless Broadband signal not reaching to one bedroom in the house what do you suggest?

You have a few options:RELOCATE:Relocate the router to a more central location. Not always possible because it needs to be near the phone point.REPEATER MODE:Purchase another access point and use i... Read More »

Sky internet is effin shyte!! can i get another broadband at the same house using.the same phone line?

I moved from Virgin to Sky because Sky was faster and cheaper.I don't think you can run a different broadband through the line while another is running - when we changed over we had to have a dead ... Read More »

When you move house, and keep the same phone number, does your current broadband service stay on the line?

Kind of, if you have a phone number which is 01123 123456 and you move it with you when you move house, then the number will be set up for voice services and then broadband. If you cancel aol at yo... Read More »