Broadband to Laptop?

Answer If you get BT Broadband they will send everything out to you and its easy to set up

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Can i have broadband with just a laptop?

Which is best between BT and O2 for broadband (for a laptop)?

I have a laptop and would like to get on broadband any where in the world what do i need to do this?

All you need is the broadband hookup wherever you are with access to the local phone company. I have traveled all over Europe and Asia. I now live in China. Whenever I am traveling, I usually fin... Read More »

Do I need to keep a fax modem now I have a laptop and broadband?

Hello Dogsarefab,Good question. You might keep it in there in case of an apocalypse scenario...but you probably won't need it. Most folks these days are faxing over the internet. You can actuall... Read More »