Bt Broadband Vrs Sky Broadband Vrs Virgin Media?

Answer !I have been with Virgin for 13 years when they first started in 1994 in the UK. I've had fibre optic Broadband since it first came on line about nine years ago from dial up.If you want to sacrific... Read More »

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What do you think of virgin media's broadband?

I've used Virgin Media broadband for around six or seven years now (since it was blueyonder from Telewest). Personally, I wouldn't use anything else, I rarely have connection problems but because i... Read More »

Is virgin media broadband ?

its the best internet you can get in the UK. its very fast and the cable internet, which i have is great.My 2MEG Virgin internet is share through a wireless router with:1) 1 desktop (wired)2) 1 des... Read More »

Virgin media broadband or sky?

Depends where you live. If you have FTTC by BTWholesale in your area then sky can offer you upto 80mbps download and 20mbps upload at the same price as virgin 30mbps. Upload is key especially for g... Read More »

Virgin Media says i can get up to 10MB Broadband. UP TO?

Maximum bandwidth is never guaranteed. There are too many variables getting in the way.