Bt interenet broadband customer care in !!!!! india !!!!!!!!!!?

Answer You are absolutly correct that this has nothing at all to do with racism. This is about a company providiing their customers with proper customer support. When a customer can not understand the per... Read More »

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Is it possible to use mobile broadband internet in rural parts of India?

Highly unlikely, do they even have standard dial up there lol

Can I connect to BT Hotspots for free as I am an existing BT Broadband Customer?

HelloYep, I think your talking about this:…I think you still have to sign up, but it's free if your have BT Broadband at home.Good luck!

I'm thinking of changing to Tiscali for phone and Broadband.Are they reliable and how is the customer service?

I was with Tiscali Internet service. It was always going wrong. I was always ringing up their Help Line which was a £1 a minute, and talk to a chap in the far east, They would tell me to wait for ... Read More »

Do customer care assistants really all use the same name?

The clones who field phone calls are simply reading from a script on a computer screen. That includes the name they use. The psychologists who set up the script decide on a name that will appeal ... Read More »