Building a computer...?

Answer It only takes a single bent pin for a CPU not to work.That bent connection could mean the CPU isn't getting the power required or sensible data. Have you checked this connection (and the other plug... Read More »

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Building a computer pSU ?

NEVER cheap out when it comes to your power supply!!!As all generic, no name, PSU vendors tend to grossly overstate the power rating of the crap they sell, I advise you not to buy a no name PSU. Be... Read More »

I am building a gaming computer?

The 680s in SLI win it for gaming. But Titan is a Compute monster.Here's a Titan review with pages of game benchmarks against other high-end graphics setups, including SLI 680s;http://www.anandtech... Read More »

Building a Gaming Computer?

in my opinion you don't need that processor. so here's what id buildi5 35708GB Samsung 1333MHz2GB GTX 660500GB hdd (its enough and if you run out of space use external devices)Corsair enthusiast se... Read More »

A bit of computer advice building a pc?

i think i would pay extra to have it already put together. the motherboard, processor, fans, heat-sinks are all easy to install, but can be a bit confusing when actually hooking everything up. PCs ... Read More »