Burn HD videos on normal CD's?

Answer Hi There,After trying several free video converting/burning apps I have found Freemake Video converter to be the easiest to use. Freemake can open about any format, append them together, cut out wh... Read More »

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Is it possible to burn avi files onto a DVD that can be played in a normal DVD player?

Yes, however the person you buy goods from must post you a link for Paypal. Not all can do this.

How do I burn videos onto a DVD?

download `convert x to dvd`it converts all formats to dvd.hope this helps

We were looking at a candle that we have in our kitchen. And we we were confused as to why when you burn it, the wax seems to get less and less. If the wax is just melting, where does it go Why does it not all just melt when you burn it and harden ba?

As the candle burns, its wax melts into a liquid, that liquid "wicks" up the wick (like water flowing up into a paper towel), and then the extreme heat of the flame vaporizes the wax (it is become ... Read More »

Serious question: Is it about time learner drivers were banned from learning in "normal" cars with "normal"?

I agree 100%. As an A.D.I, I see L drivers being taught by mums/dads, and it annoys me when I see that the "passenger" does not have a rear view mirror. So how can you teach someone to drive and ... Read More »