Bypassing my login screen (XP)?

Answer Hi Well thats cause most of the pc tech uses , ERD COMMANDER wish is s cd boot software that can change passwords , yea i know it sucks but there we have it .

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How to Delete a Saved Username on the AOL Login Screen?

The AOL Internet software program is not restricted to just one username. This allows all AOL customers to sign into any version of the program and browse the Internet or check their e-mail using t... Read More »

I have a Mac mini of my brother and he forgot his password and and I'm at login screen what do I do?

grab your brother and smack him till he remembers

Basically when i try to go on skype the login screen is just plain blue?

I guess some internal supported files for Skype has been deleted on your computer. I will suggest you to completely remove all the files and folder created by Skype and install new Skype. I guess t... Read More »

How do I change my windows vista login so it wants a username and password to login?

Hi..To change "Windows vista Login" ...Windows key > Control panel > User Accounts....(For user name two accounts or more would need to exist .) "I am new to this yahoo answers thing " if it is you... Read More »