COD Black ops 2 hosting connection problems.?

Answer What does the agreement with your ISP indicate you should get. It is possible that the upload has a cap and you very quickly use it up. It is your very low up load speed that is the problem. You... Read More »

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Hosting and domains cost money, but what about the people who sell the hosting?

Domain registrations are handled by a primary registrar for each country. These registrars sell in bulk to sub-registrars at a discount, and many of the registrars sell on to you with some of this ... Read More »

Is Reseller hosting more powerful than Shared hosting?

They are different products - typically Reseller can run on a VPS (virtual private server) and allow you to sell(resell) hosting services - each person that you resell to is then using a share of y... Read More »

Internet connection problems?

Some laptops have switch to turn wireless on or off, check yours for that.

Wireless connection problems?

I recommend that you reset your router to it's factory settings. On my router there is a small button which requires something small to press it, like a needle, it's located on the back.When you re... Read More »