CPU and RAM not used to capacity?

Answer Surely if my PC was to make use of these extra resources it would be able to boot faster? Absolutely no! Booting is not a matter of the power from your CPU or the size of your RAM. It takes time to... Read More »

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What computer programs are you familiar with and in what capacity have you used them?

I'm a Photoshop whizz - if you don't believe me, let me take your head and stick it on the body of a giraffe...

Capacity of Sky+ box?

Items in the planner are counted in the used space even if they've not been recorded yet.It does get it wrong sometimes though, the following will re-evaluate the space required by planned recordin... Read More »

Capacity of external HD?

Did you format the whole drive as a single partition ?Try opening up 'Disk Management' and seeing what your drive looks like. Thanks for a prompt reply Old Geezer - will have a look tomorrow and re... Read More »

Towing capacity for a?

It appears that it is 1500 pounds - trailer with brakes for the 5door 2.0liter.This information will be in your owner's manual.…