Cable to connect modem to phone line?

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How to Connect a Laptop Wirelessly to a Cable Modem?

Prior to the introduction of cable modems with wireless access, it was not possible to directly connect a laptop wirelessly to a cable modem. In such cases, an external wireless router had to be co... Read More »

How to connect my cable modem to a wireless router?

CONNECTING THE ROUTER:The cable modem connects to the single router port labeled WAN or Internet via a standard Ethernet patch cable.There are usually 4 LAN ports on the router to connect devices v... Read More »

How to Connect an Arris TM602G Cable Modem to a Mac?

The Arris TM602G cable modem is often supplied by cable Internet companies as a standard modem. While providing fast Internet access over a home cable line, the Arris TM602G connects to your Mac co... Read More »

How to Connect Airport Extreme to a CableVision Motorola Cable Modem?

The CableVision Motorola cable modem provides access to your broadband Internet service. However, it has only enough networking ports for one computer to access the connection. Hook up your AirPort... Read More »