Can Any one tell me how to fragment my computer, i am with vista home premiumthanks?

Answer Do you mane defragment? I think that is what you mean,to do this left click windows icon bottom left,click all programs,click accessory's,click tools,click defragment and you will be shown a dialog... Read More »

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How long does it take to fragment or de-fragment your pc, its been on 4% for five minsthat usual?

It can take half an, or two and a half hours, it depends on how much you have on your hard drive, and how much needs re-organising.

Why can't I fragment my computer properly?

Test your disk to fix these errors. Double click on My Computer, then Right click on the C drive and pick PROPERTIES. Then go to the TOOLS section. Click the TEST NOW button. Check both test an... Read More »

How can I erase something from Vista Home Premium computer?

You take a fire axe and you slice the thing in half

How can I setup a network between 2 vista laptops, a vista computer and a xp computer?

I recommend that you don't even try to network XP and vista as they are simply not compatible with each other.