Can I Save My Tomato Plants After a Frost?

Answer Frost is a danger for outdoor garden plants as it gets cold. In some regions of the United States, early frosts can occur even in September. A frost occurs, usually at night, where the temperature ... Read More »

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How Does the Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Attack Tomato Plants?

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Why Do I Need to Protect Plants from Frost?

Some plants are well adapted to surviving periods of cold weather when temperatures drop below freezing, but frost-sensitive plants can be severely damaged or even killed by a hard frost. In areas ... Read More »

How to Protect Plants and Shrubs From Frost?

Frosty weather can cause serious damage to tender plants and shrubs. Gardeners can take proactive steps to protect their investments. Don’t let your gardening efforts go in vain. Prepare your pla... Read More »