Can I change my hard drive without losing data?

Answer If you dont mind spending a bit of money you could get a USB-SATA/IDE adaptor (with a psu)plug the old drive into the adaptor and plug this into a usb port (just like an external drive)

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How can I convert FAT32 to NFTS on internal H Drive "C" without losing data?

you dont need to do all that mess just to convert from fat to ntfs ... It is easy to convert partitions to NTFS. The Setup program makes conversion easy, whether your partitions used FAT, FAT32, or... Read More »

Is there a way to format my external hard drive without losing the contents on it?

get a usb stick, transfer all your data onto the stick, then format the drive to fat32, then transfer all your data back to the drive, hope this help's...:-) or burn a data disk. cheersif you get s... Read More »

Can I transfer my saved data from my old hard drive to my new one via an external hard drive?

I'm not sure of the proper way to do this, but I do know how I would do it.Take your 20GB HD out of the XBOX case, plug it into my pc and transfer the data I want onto my new hard drive which I wou... Read More »

How to Reinstall OS X Without Losing Data?

Have you ever needed to reinstall or upgrade Mac OS X without worrying about copying over your existing user data to an external hard drive? It's possible in Mac OS X to reinstall or upgrade withou... Read More »