Can I check my winning certificate of yahoo/msn &microsoft windows for GBPS 500,000.00 is original or fraud?

Answer this is an excellent site for checking if an email is a fraud (bookmark it)

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Which one is the best windows 7 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 De?

If you are asking for a business, get the Professional. If you are asking as a home user, you need the Home Premium.

Who is required to sign to certify death certificate copy of original?

I imagine that if those are Halifax's rules then people will just have to accept them. An alternative is to ask whoever issued the death certificate to issue extra certified copies- or maybe extra ... Read More »

2. Windows 8 is the latest operating system by Microsoft. What are the new features introduced by Microsoft in?

No significant new features in Windows 8 compared to Windows 7, with the exception of removing the "Start" button and replacing it with a "Start screen", instead. It's designed primarily for touch... Read More »

How can i check out someone in the uk for fraud?