Can I connect more than one computer to my wireless connection?

Answer Most wireless routers can support up to 30 wireless connections, although if they are all downloading at the same time, you'd have a major slowdown in speed.

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Is it easy to connect more than computer to the same wireless internet point?

Couldn't be easier, we use 3 laptops in the same house all at the same time.

If I directly (with cord) connect my laptop to the router, will it be faster than the wireless connection?

If you want to transfer files and things between PCs connected to the router then wired is the best solution. If you are just using the router to access the internet, the connection speed to the i... Read More »

Can the wireless signal strength be weakened we use more than one computer?

Any antenna will absorb the signal that it gets, thus reducing ambient signal propagation. Many people really don't understand how a signal is propagated. To better understand how one access poin... Read More »

What do I need to set up a wireless connection to a non wireless computer?

just plug the yellow ethernet cable into the back of your PC from the hub... but if you want to make it wireless just get a dongle from somewhere like argos ...I have tried many brands of dongle an... Read More »