Can I connect two computers with a USB cable to transfer data?

Answer You would have to buy a special cable. But Use Once, and throw away? It would be best to get your computer working properly. Maybe you should seek a proper driver for your MP3 player. Are you... Read More »

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How Can I Connect Two Computers With One Cat 5 Cable?

A Cat 5 cable is a cable that is used to connect a computer to a modem or a router. These cables provide Internet access to the computer that is connected. If you only have one cable, and you have ... Read More »

Can I Connect My PC with my Netbook to Transfer Data?

assuming both have an ethernet port - either use a crossover ethernet cable, or a straight cable with crossover adaptor - then you have to mess about with sharing & security settings to get the con... Read More »

Can you connect two computers together with a usb cable?

Yes you can. You can use a USB Network Bridge Cable. This in NOT a standard USB cable. If you use a standard USBcable you will damage your motherboard. In the following link is an example of the US... Read More »

How to Use a Data Transfer Cable?

USB data transfer cables connect directly to two computers, eliminating the need to move data from one computer to the next via an external device such as a zip drive or CD. Windows Vista and Windo... Read More »