Can I delete a sent message on facebook before it is read?

Answer Once you click on "Send" on any message or email it's gone and thereis NO way you can get it back.In most cases it will end up in their "Inbox" within a few seconds especiallywith the likes of FB b... Read More »

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If you delete a sent message on myspace before the person reads it, does it delete it at their end?

Nope. Your words are set in stone, short of knowing this persons password you need to begin to prepare yourself for embaressing moments ahead.Good luck.

I sent a message on facebook, deactivated then reactivated my account; how do i know if they read the message?

They can't see your message if you deactivated your account, and I doubt it is resent even after you reactivate it

If u delete someoene as a friend on facebook can they still see a message u sent them?

Yes, the mail will still go through if she deletes her account. The recipient of the mail will receive the message, but where the little avatar is with a picture of the person who sent it, that wil... Read More »

Is it legal for a highschool principal to read a student's private message sent to another person on facebook?

Not a chance. That has to be an invasion of privacy. Check out the links.