Can I fly out of an airport with an arrest warrant issued to me?

Answer dont be a numptie, regardless of this minor offence you should man up and get to Berwick. Forget the holiday, tell work its a family emergency if needs be.I assume you went home had a few too many ... Read More »

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Can a European arrest warrant be issued for breach of probation/licence?

An EAW can have been issued (and almost certainly will have been) if the Home Office believed that your offence (of failing to comply with your licence terms) would be a criminal offence if it was ... Read More »

How Long Does an Arrest Warrant Last?

A warrant does not expire. It will last until the person has been caught and tried. If a person has not been caught yet, it will stay active until he or she has been caught.

What Happens when a Bench Warrant is Issued?

Bench warrants are a court process determined and initiated when a judge orders law enforcement to arrest a person, or, in some cases, to seize property that has been involved in criminal activity.... Read More »

How to Find Out If a Person Has an Arrest Warrant?

Any state's Department of Justice will tell a person if he has any outstanding arrest warrants. The only problem is that, if there are outstanding warrants, he won't be free to leave! Not surprisin... Read More »