Can I get little inferno on my google chromebook?

Answer Those files are Windows programs, so you can't install them on a Chromebook. You must remember that you can't install anything on it that didn't come from the Chrome Web Store. As far as I know, th... Read More »

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Google chromebook or not?

Yes chromebook is for Internet only you can visit chrome store for more of these apps of online.

Google chromebook thoughts?

Chrome OS isn't an OS at all, the computer has no storage and the whole OS is Google chrome. and all storage is done on the cloud and you use the Google versions of word, excel, etc. Its an alright... Read More »

Should I get a samsung google chromebook?

Nope, get an inexpensive laptop instead. Chromebooks can't run anything... it's just a browser, you know that don't you, there's nothing else BUT Chrome browser in a Chromebook. If you ONLY do live... Read More »

How do you press F2 on a Samsung Google Chromebook?

as there are no applications that run on Chrome that require function keys I'm going to assume that you're running some kind of terminal program (i.e. an SSH client) in which case you need to send ... Read More »